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Tracy Roofing Pros | Roofing Company in Tracy, California

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Choosing the right roofing company that provides you with the services that you require at a price that you can afford, all while combining great customer service is easy when Tracy Roofing Pros is one of your choices. We have been in the business of creating satisfied customers by providing quality roofing solutions from repairs to renovations for a long time.

Our customers consistently recommend us to their friends, family and neighbors for a reason. That reason is because our team is made up of the nest of the best in the roofing industry.

For all roofing and roofing repair needs call Tracy Roofing Pros. Now on the surface that may sound pretty general, but we justify our claim by backing it up with the work we do. In other words, we walk just as well as we talk. Think about what you expect from excellence in a Tracy roofing company. Does it include a full scope of different styles? Because when it comes to building with material such as clay, metal, concrete, slates and synthetic slates, wood, solar, and fiberglass we never miss a beat. Does it mean complete familiarization with designs trending and traditional? We cover every kind of roof from gable to skillion to sawtooth to everything found in between.

Or maybe for you it simply means trustworthy quality that lasts for decades. Coincidentally, we think exactly the same thing. That’s precisely the reason we bring it to the table every time you dial our number. A great roof can’t stop with just looking great. It has a responsibility to uphold. It must protect an entire building—along with its occupants—from the elements. Never deviating from those facts, the good people at Tracy Roofing Pros make a concentrated effort to bring you the best. An effort that produces incredible results. Want to learn more? Call us today at (209) 268-7701 for free estimates.

About Us

Tracy Roofing Pros is a full-service roofing company. We provide repairs, replacements and renovations to both residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are all certified to sell and install many different kinds of shingles and other roofing accessories from several different manufacturers. It is very important to us that your family or your clients and assets are provided with a quality roof that keeps them safe and dry through any weather event.

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    Our Services

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    We are able to provide you with roofing solutions and services that meet your needs and your budget. Roofing problems are almost a guarantee at some point if you manage a commercial or residential property, and our team is there for you when that time comes. We know that your time and money are valuable so we pride ourselves on providing speedy services that are manageable and affordable.

    Smart customers like the ones in San Joaquin County want their roofing contractors to offer up lots of choices for how a roof should look. We have a solid command of just about every material on the market. Those materials include, but are not limited to:

    • Clay tiles, which provide a very alluring Mediterranean look to any home or business;
    • Wood shingles or wood shakes; our shingles present a clean, straight cut wedge that fixes right to your roof’s under deck, while our shakes are thicker and really add to the charm of older homes; both styles will last for 50 years or longer;
    • Concrete tile roofing by Tracy Roofing Pros not only gives you durable protection, but a virtual kaleidoscope of looks to choose from; this versatile material can even imitate more expensive alternatives like clay, wood, or stone;
    • Our slate shingles are here for those who insist upon authenticity; their multiple layers assist with the development of powerful, protective cleavage, while their mica content tends to shine quite prettily in the sun;
    • Tracy steel roofing has exploded in popularity, mainly because of its strength, easy maintenance, and cost-friendly installation; also, it can be twisted and bent into complicated shapes that prove difficult for other materials.

    These are just a few of the kinds of roofs we specialize in. Others include synthetic rubber slates, fiberglass, solar panels, and of course asphalt. With a short study of your home or place of business, we can determine—if you haven’t already yourself—the perfect material to complement any structure. Put what needs to be done in our capable hands and you’ll never be let down.

    Why Choose Us?

    Now here’s any easy question to answer. When you contact Tracy Roofing Pros you’re contacting a team that’s never been matched in terms of dedication, professionalism, equipment, and overall quality with the work it does. Now we realize those are mere words, but indeed, to see our roofing and roofing repair is to be convinced. To find out more about what mean just pick the phone and give us a call at (209) 268-7701 and get free estimates.

    Residential Roofing
    Commercial Roofing
    Roof Leaks

    Residential Roofing

    Our most popular services are often catering to our residential customers. We provide a number of styles of roofing shingles and underlayment. There are so many roofing accessories that are now available so that you can fully customize every aspect of your home. We can also provide you with attic ventilation consultations and services in addition to maintaining, repairing, and replacing your roof.

    Commercial Roofing

    We often service roofs of large-scale buildings and companies. These include industrial buildings and other commercial properties. The standards for commercial roofing options are slightly different from the residential options, and our team is trained and certified to provide you with the quality that you require. Ask about our regular maintenance services and other options that are specifically designed with our commercial clients in mind.

    Roof Leaks

    When a roof starts leaking, it is time for an immediate inspection and repair. There are many different things that can cause a roof to leak and we can establish the cause and provide a problem-specific solution that will last for years to come. In an emergency, we can provide you with the fastest and most effective services at a great price. If your roof is suffering from storm damage or similar kinds of damage, don’t wait until it is too late.

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    Roof Repair
    Gutters And Downspouts
    Roof Replacement

    Roof Repair

    Repairing your roof in a way that suits your needs and reaches your standards is the number one reason why we are in business. Repairing roofs is how we got our start and we pride ourselves on the great work that we provide. When it comes to shingles, flashing, gutter clogs, attic condensation and even roofs that are suffering from negligence, we can whip it back into shape without having to replace the entire roof.

    Gutters and Downspouts

    The gutter and downspout system that surrounds your roof is a very integral part of what protects and ensures that your roof remains safe and dry. This is important in maintaining your roof in the long run. We provide installation and repair services for gutters and downspouts and can even provide you with a consultation to establish the needs that roof has as far as water management.

    Roof Replacement

    There will be times when it is time to face the music and admit that your roof has seen better days and it is in your best interest as a home or business owner to replace your roof. We offer consultation services and will walk you through every step of the selection and decision-making process. Roof replacement can be a large undertaking, but we are dedicated to streamlining the process and making it as painless as possible.

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    house roof after replacement

    Roofing Maintenance in Tracy, CA
    Professional Siding Installation and Replacement
    Quality Gutter Installation

    Roofing Maintenance in Tracy

    Our geographic triangle tends to see a lot of wet winters and dry summers. For older roofing, or improperly installed roofing by those—ahem—other guys, that could mean leakage, cracks, warping, or other problems. But with just one call to us those problems disappear. We’ll come out and assess the damage before giving an honest report on what needs to be done. Sometimes it’s just a few shingles that need replacing. Other times you may need fascia replacement or simple gutter cleaning. Whatever the case may be we’re here to make your roof look and function just like new again.

    Professional Siding Installation and Replacement

    Tracy Roofing Pros installs attractive siding that won’t make you regret your decision. Not only that, our siding will defend your home for pretty much a full lifetime. We have professional training with different materials such as vinyl, wood, and metal. Older siding that finally does need replacement is no trouble either. Our team knows exactly what will look and work the best for any building you wish to protect. Siding done right is done right here at Tracy Roofing Pros.

    Quality Gutter Installation

    No matter if the building in question is commercial or residential, its rain gutters are an integral part of what helps a roof do its job. On top of that, they also channel moisture away from places better left dry. We install or replace every part of a system for efficient water flow. Eaves, ridges, flashing, and more make for a roof that never gets saturated no matter how hard the rain. Part of our gutter inspection service involves a full cleaning as well. We install gutters so that nothing tilts, droops, or falls out of joint. Rather, you’re promised a handsome look that truly enhances the rest of the building. Find out more about the gutter installation in Tracy by calling (209) 268-7701.

    Areas We Service

    The city of Tracy’s motto, Think Inside The Triangle, probably wasn’t written with roofing in mind. Having said that, our work in the area has not gone unnoticed. After all, Tracy Roofing Pros has been producing high-quality construction for a long time. We’re also well in tune with the many different architectural styles all over San Joaquin County. The perfect roofing system for any kind of building is right here at your premier place for dependable shelter. One call to Tracy Roofing Pros puts you on the fast track for any style and any material needed for your new roof. The old roof still doing okay, but could use a few repairs? We handle that too. Nor is your location typically a problem. Just some of the areas we service include:

    • Moraga
    • Brentwood
    • Oakley
    • Pittsburg
    • Newark
    • San Leandro
    • Walnut Creek
    • Antioch
    • Discovery Bay
    • Union City
    • El Cerrito
    • Pleasanton
    • Danville
    • Alameda
    • Rodeo
    • Dublin
    • Pinole
    • Fremont
    • Martinez

    We have a hard-working crew that does indeed put lots of thought into everything they do. Ask for pictorial samples when you get in touch. We also provide free estimates on almost every single job. Let Tracy Roofing Pros keep your home or business warm and dry with the best roof construction to be found. To get things started, give us a call at 209-268-7701.

    Contact Us Today

    We can guarantee that you have never had a roofing experience that meets the needs that you have for your roof and your pocket book like the service that Tracy Roofing Pros can provide. If you have questions about any of the services that we provide or about the options that are available for your roof type, then do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team! You can reach us by phone at (209) 268-7701 or by email.

    “When I bought my home, I knew that eventually the roof would have to be repaired before I could sell it again. After patching and repairing over the course of a few years, it was clear that a replacement was in order. Tracy Roofing Pros was the best roofing service that I have ever worked with. They were professional and finished the job faster than I thought possible!” – Howard E.

    “I was sick and tired of cleaning my gutters every other weekend. When I called Tracy Roofing Pros, they informed me that I probably needed to add a couple extra downspouts to handle the load on my roof during the rainy season. I also signed up for their regular maintenance services and have had more time to relax on my weekends.” –Darren V.

    “I own a building that has a metal roof and is in an industrial area. After a storm, there was extensive damage and I was losing money while my machinery was inoperable. Tracy Roofing Pros fixed the roof and got my business back up and running.” – Garrett K.