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Tracy Asphalt Roof

This image show asphalt roof in Tracy, California.

Tracy Roofing Pros is your top local roofing contractor who can provide excellent roofing projects at an affordable cost. We offer excellent craftsmanship, superior quality, and affordable roofing services to all our roofing clients. We are a licensed, bonded and fully insured local roofing contractor capable of performing roof repairs, flat roofing, roof restoration, roof replacement, gutter installation, gutter repair, downspouts, roof inspection, single ply roofing, plastic roofing, wooden roofing, polymer roofing, and asphalt roofing to name a few.

To know more about Tracy Roofing Pros and the affordable roofing services that we offer, call (209) 268 – 7701 right now, our expert roofers will be happy to answer all your questions. For free estimates and quotations, you may fill out our contact form. Do not worry. All your information is safe with us.

Whether it is new home construction, a commercial roofing project, plastic roofing, wooden roofing, polymer roofing, gutter repair, gutter installation, polymer roofing job or asphalt roofing projects, Tracy Roofing Pros have the skills and experience to handle your roofing project with the attention and quality service that you expect from the best local roofing contractor. Years of handling various roofing projects and intensive training made us experts in installing roofs, roof restoration, roof replacement, gutter installation, gutter repair, downspouts, roof inspection, and other roofing solutions.  

One of the services that we offer to all our clients is asphalt roofing or asphalt shingling. This kind of roofing usually utilizes mineral fiber and cementitious filler. Some varieties look like tiles, wood, slates, or anything that would make your roof look beautiful and durable. Asphalt roofing requires less maintenance as compared to metal or concrete. It is also easier to install and provides durability and longevity.

Tracy Roofing Pros have been offering asphalt roofing to our clients, and as a result, this is one of the most asked services that we have today. From residential roofing to commercial spaces, the use of asphalt shingling is increasingly growing.

Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

  • Asphalt roofing comes in a range of colors. It has a selection of textures, styles and can mimic almost anything.
  • It is also very affordable, cost-effective, and the value that you will be investing in is undoubtedly worth it.
  • It is very durable and can withstand storm damage, wind damage, or even hail damage. It can last longer.
  • Lower upkeep
  • Easier to install and repair
  • Fewer leak issues are also noticeable.
  • Even after it has reached its usable life, asphalt shingles can be recycled.
  • Fire-resistant, and more.

Many benefits come with having asphalt roofing, and Tracy Roofing Pros knows precisely how it can benefit our clients.

Primary Roofing Asphalt Grades Available

Roofing asphalt comes in three basic grades. Skilled roofers know this and would discuss this with you in passing. But to give you an idea of what these grades are, we have listed the three most basic grades, but if you want to learn more about this, you may call us today or send us an email at our contact form. We will be happy to take your call or answer your message back.

  • Mopping – Grade Asphalt. This kind of asphalt is an oxidized type. It is melted down before it can be used to construct built-up roofing or BUR, and other projects like modified bitumen systems.
  • Coating – Grade Asphalt: Like Mopping – Grade, this asphalt is oxidized and is used to manufacture roofing materials for roofing systems like but not limited to shingles, polymer-modified bitumen roofing. It is also used in reinforcing and to impregnate underlayment felts, and roll roofing products.
  • Saturant – Grade Asphalt: Unlike the two, this one is non-oxidized or oxidized kind, and is used to make saturated felt pipes which are used in various BUR systems, organic felt-shingles and flashing materials like roll roofing.

Don’t stress too much about all the technical jargon that you have been reading, Tracy Roofing Pros, your most trusted local roofing contractor, has a team of the expert roofer and technicians who can provide you with all the details. For free quotations and estimates, contact us today.   

Contact Tracy Roofing Pros

So if you have damaged shingles, leaking roofs or your roofs show signs of fatigue or exhibit storm damage, wind damage, or hail damage, or you simply want to upgrade and go green by installing a solar roof, Tracy Roofing Pros is your local roofing contractor to call.

Dial (209) 268 – 7701 for affordable asphalt roof in Tracy, California. For free estimates and quotes, simply provide us with your information by sending it through our contact form.

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