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Tracy Residential Roofing

professional roofer doing residential roofing repair

The products that are available to residential customers come in a wide variety of purposes, styles, and levels of durability. If your roofing system covers your home or garage, then it is for a residential application. Residential roofing products are suitable for a variety of purposes, typically well-designed to work for steep slope applications.

The quality products that Tracy Roofing Pros provides to its residential customers include:
  • Roofing Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Other accessory products

Roofing Shingles

There are many styles and types of roofing shingles that are available by an array of manufacturers and brands. However, there are three main categories of shingles for your roof that include dimensional, strip, and premium roofing shingles. Dimensional roofing shingles are heavy-duty. They are available in dual and multi-layered shingles that come in many styles and colors. They are a grade above strip shingles, considered to be the base level of residential roofing shingle quality. Also, these are single-layered shingles that shape into slate.  Premium roofing shingles are the highest quality shingles that are on the market. Typically laminated, they provide more aesthetics and impressive durability.


An underlayment is specific for residential roofs as a layer that provides water resistance between shingles. The felt that is useful in this underlayment. For instance, it may be useful with fiberglass to give an extra layer of reliability and durability. We can also provide you with a high-performance underlayment that prevents leaks from the most torrential rain and ice storms. Tracy Roofing Pros is more than happy to show you your options. Ultimately, we will help you decide what underlayment option will be best for you.

Accessories and Starter Shingles

In creating a fine appearance on your residential roof, hip and ridge shingles are useful. They clean up the lines of your shingling. We offer you the same warranty on these shingles as is available on your regular shingles. Likewise, with that, the hip and ridge shingles are applicable. You have tons of options available to you when you go through Tracy Roofing Pros. This is because, we work with several manufacturers. There are several styles available to complement different roof shapes and provide your roof with extra protection.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation systems create a continuous flow of air from the outdoors into the attic. The point of this is to help keep attic temperatures lower in the summer and drier in the winter months. If you have experienced issues with high bills in the hot months or mold and mildew during the winter, then allow us to take a look at the attic ventilation and see if we can help.

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