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Tracy Roof Coating Contractor

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From leaking wooden roofing to roof repairs, from solar roof installation to total roof replacement, we are the local roofing contractor that you need to call. For a cheap roof that is both durable and functional, Tracy Roofing Pros is a trusted local roofing contractor with the backing of years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Not to mention our highly skilled and technical roofers who specialize in Tile roof installations, solar roof installations and repair, roof replacement, gutter inspection, and gutter installation, roof restoration, downspouts, roof inspection, to name a few.

If you need to know what other roofing services we have in store for you, call (209) 268 – 7701. We would be glad to provide you with free estimates and smart roofing suggestions.

We Are Your Expert Roofers

Tracy Roofing Pros have a range of roofing services that we offer to our clients. Among them is our roof coating job guaranteed to protect your roof from all kinds of elements yet looks amazing. From commercial size to your residential roof, we can provide you with the best roof coating contractors in Tracy.

Our dedicated roofers and roofing contractors can evaluate, do a roof inspection and suggest ways to make your roof look and function better at an affordable price. Whether you need a gutter inspection or schedule a roof coating job, Tracy Roofing Pros are always available to help you. You can also contact us by providing your information and send it through our contact form provided.

What is Roof Coating?

As your local roofing contractor, we can provide you with this type of roofing service as personal as possible. This roofing method places an extra layer of protection on an already complete roof making it more durable and functional. A roof coating can extend your roof's life by protecting it from various elements and the damaging effects of the sun (UV Rays). It is elastic, allowing it to stretch and return to its original size without any damage.

The coating will also reduce the heat from going to the roof structure, lessening the occurrence of tightening and expansion of your roof membrane. Moreover, it can help lessen the chances of having leaks in your roof. Some coatings can lower down heat energy costs and increase the aesthetic value of your roof.

What Roofs Can We Coat? And How is it Applied on My Roof?

Our roofers at Tracy Roofing Pros can do various coating jobs on numerous roof surfaces and roof types. This includes metal roofing, single-ply, wooden roofs, and flat roofs. Built-up roofs, also known as BUR, and polyurethane roofs are also the kind of roofs that we can fully apply roof coatings.

However, there are other surfaces that we cannot apply to coat membranes. Ballasted outside membranes is just one of them. Gravel surfaced membrane is also one of the types of surfaces that we cannot do our job. Roof coatings are applied using a spray, a roller, or a brush. 

Our expert roofers can handle this job with ease, allowing no gaps and space in your roof for optimum results. Moreover, primer can be added on your roof before coating it, depending on the substrate and the type of coating that you have. Leave this to the experts, and we can handle this.

How Long Will the Roof Coating Last?

Based on our experience, your roof life with properly applied roof coating can have an additional useful life of 10 years or more. Certain conditions and types and the thickness of the film coating can greatly affect your coating and roof's longevity. However, we can recoat your roof after a decade or as the coating wears away, giving it a fresher look and a new lease of life.

Almost anyone can apply the coating, but the result may not be the one that you want. It is always best to let your local roofing contractor do this. A self-reliant project may have certain effects on the integrity of your roof. Experienced roofers know when the best time and weather conditions to coat your roof.

The solvent-borne coating can be applied in colder weather while water-based coating has to be done when the ambient air temperature is 50oF (10oC), and rain should not fall within the next 24 hours for the coat to fully strengthen. For the coat to fully dry or cure, it would depend on so many factors. Thus, it always sane to talk to our roofers. Call Tracy Roofing Pros at (209) 268 – 7701 right.

So, the next time you need help with roof installations, solar roof installations and repair, roof replacement, gutter inspection, and gutter installation, roof restoration, downspouts, and roof inspection, contact your most sought after local roofing contractor - Tracy Roofing Pros.

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