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Tracy Roof Coating

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Most Comprehensive Roof Coating in Tracy

Are you looking for professional and efficient commercial or residential roof coating services? Do you desire to have a better way of giving your roof a newer appearance other than re-roofing? You can invest in our roof coating services and ensure to give your new or existing roof an aesthetic and distinct appearance while extending its lifespan.

Tracy Roofing Pros is a team of roofing experts who can offer the best roof coating services for your needs. Our services ensure that your roof increases its lifespan, a reduction of your bills on electric air condition, and a reduction in the required maintenance of HVAC systems. Get in touch with us today, and let us engage on how best we can approach your roof insulation needs.

Call (209) 268-7701 and speak to an expert roofer. You may also leave a message to our customer care team on the quote form on this page for detailed inquiries.

About Tracy Roofing Pros

Tracy Roofing Pros is a company that specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing roofs. We have the requisite skills and experience to handle any roofing project, be it a small- or large-scale one. Also, we can handle any roof model, whether it is for a residential or commercial entity.

We have years of experience in offering a range of roofing services to our commercial and residential clients in Tracy. We have come a long way to ensure that what we can provide you with is unparalleled. With an ever-growing list of satisfied clients and a portfolio of hundreds of projects to showcase, we do not doubt that you will find us the right roofing company to work with.

Our Roof Coating Services

Roof coating is a practice that helps to create a resilient barrier between a roof and elements that may ruin its appearance and shorten its lifespan. Essentially, a roof coating can be for any roof, whether it is newly installed or if it has served you for several years. The service will help with:

  • Increasing the lifespan of the roof
  • Improving the outward appearance, enhancing an aesthetic look, and increasing the value of the property
  • Reducing heat energy costs
  • Increasing waterproofing and UV light protection for the roof
  • Helping to reduce the chemical breakdown of materials on the roof, thereby maintaining its functionality and appearance

Avoid early roof replacements by extending the lifespan of what you already have. Also, it is worth noting that such roof restoration is much cheaper than replacing the entire roof, a dream come true for everyone.

Talk to us today and get:

  • Silicone Roof CoatingĀ  - In this case, a single layer of silicone is rolled or sprayed on a roof in the form of a liquid. The liquid is used to fill in seams, cracks, and blisters.
  • Aluminum Roof Coating - Aluminum roof coating employs the properties of Aluminum Oxide, which is a hard, durable, and weather-resistant substance that helps to protect the metallic surface it is applied on. This coating method may use coloring by dyeing or may present bronze tones through diffraction phenomena resulting from the coating.
  • White Roof Coating - This method of coating applies the use of an elastomeric, reflective, and thermal barrier that has both protective and waterproofing properties on the surface that it is applied on.
  • White Roof Coating - When it comes to coating a flat roof, there are four main ideas to explore. Most people go for either Butyl, Polyurethane, Acrylic, or Silicone options.
  • Metal Roof Coating - A metal roof can be coated using different options, but the most popular is the use of silicone. The silicone application helps with a 99.99% seal of the roof. Coating the roof ensures that there is no water seeping in, no ponding water, and no exaggerated air exchange.

Do not allow your roof to lose its performance properties that fast. Allow us to help you to extend its service. With our coating services, we can help you to ensure that any roof can serve you for more years.

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