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Tracy Roof Leaks

professional roofer doing roof leaks repair

Experiencing a leaky roof can feel defeating and make you feel unstable and insecure in your home environment. It can be a major health hazard if left untreated by spreading and causing further damage. This damage could lead to mold, mildew or even, in the worst cases, collapse. The reasons why your roof is leaking will have an impact on the ways that we offer to repair and address your roof leaks. Knowing what is causing the leak is a big part of preventing future leaks.

Broken Shingles

When a leak is caused by broken shingles, it is usually very easy to identify and determine. Shingles are very visible on your roof, so it can be easy to see if you have a few that do fall in line with the rest of your roof. High winds and storms can cause shingles to move, fall off or become broken, allowing there to be space open on your roof for moisture to cause damage. If you notice that your roof has begun leaking shortly after a storm or even during one, it might be safe to say that some broken shingles could be to blame.

Broken Flashing

The tarring that is used in securing roofing shingles to each other and to your roof can become weak and damaged over time. If a leak occurs in your home and you don’t see any broken shingles, the tarring could be to blame. Our pros can identify these kinds of roofing issues without an invasive investigation most of the time. It may not be as easy for you to see, but a trained eye has the experience and awareness needed.

Attic Condensation and Gutter Clogs

If you don’t often make it up into your attic, then you may not be aware of the changes that it goes through during the different seasons or with the changes of weather. Condensation and mold that is left alone can end up causing damage and lead to a leak. Also, if your gutters are not properly cleaned on a regular basis, this can lead to them becoming clogged. A clogged gutter can also lead to condensation and other roof damage. If you require gutter maintenance services or need an attic ventilation consultation to prevent further roofing issues from occurring, we can help!


One of the worst things for a roof that often causes more damage than anything else is generally neglecting the needs of your roof can cause small problems to grow and become bigger problems over time. By performing regular maintenance on your roof, you can be aware of the changes and problems occurring in your roof and call us when it is time to make repairs.

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