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Tracy Roof Replacement

house roof after getting replaced

Installing a new roof is one of the most important home improvement projects that you can do to your home. It protects you and your family from the elements and protects your home from damage caused by weather and debris damage. If your roof fails, then you have a major disaster on your hands. That is why it is important that you call Tracy Roofing Pros for your roof replacement needs. We provide quality service at a great price and in a timely manner. You can’t find better customer service than ours in the roofing industry.

Roofing Materials

You have many options when it comes to materials that are used in building a new roof. The pitch of your roof along with common weather events in your area will have an effect on the decision you make for your roofing system. Some of the most common options for residential roofing includes asphalt shingles, which are cheap and easy to find, wood shingles, a pricier and more attractive shingle option, metal roofing, a fireproof roofing option, slate, clay and ceramic tile, for a certain appeal. We can help you make a decision that works for your home type, your style and the availability of materials in your area.

Tear Offs and Second Layers

A complete tear-off may be required in the area that you live in. This means, that if you are purchasing a new roof, then the entire old roof will need to be removed so that there is room for the new roof to be attached. A second layer is still a legal option in some places; however, you should consider the pros and cons of leaving or removing that layer of old roofing. Sometimes the additional weight of multiple layers can become too heavy for the home to support, ultimately causing major structural damage over time. Leaving the old layer on the roof does reduce the amount of work that is involved in replacing a roof. Additionally, there will be less waste involved in the roofing process.


Many different things will affect the cost of your new roof. The shingles that you choose will have a price tag, and so will the pitch of your roof. The steeper your roof is, the more expensive the job will be. Demolition, permits, waste disposal and cleanup will all be factored into the price as well.

Off-Season Roofing

Our team of roofing pros are highly experienced in replacing roofs and can work past the prime roofing season. There are many other dangers and factors that make the job more difficult, however, our skilled crews can perform the task safely and efficiently during almost any season of the year. Dial (209) 268-7701 to get free estimates.

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