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Tracy Roofing Companies

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Are you a client who needs to have the best roofing team at your disposal to attend to all your roofing needs? Are you tired of searching for “roofing companies near me” because the search results are not helping in any way? Relax and get talking to the best team of roofers assembled at Tracy Roofing Pros.

Call Tracy Roofing Pros though our main phone line (209) 268-7701 and share your dreams with us. Leave us your info and message of inquiry on the quote form on this page, too, and we shall revert soonest possible.

About Us

Tracy Roofing Pros is a roofing company with roots deeply immersed into distinct service delivery and offering unparalleled services. We have been servicing the residential and commercial clients of Tracy and beyond for decades now and can assure you that we are your best bet. This is because we have mastered every needful skill and honed our expertise to meet the industry’s demands.

As a company that understands the local roofing regulations and the weather elements that may affect roofs, we are no doubt the best suited for your needs. We shall not only install a new roof, repair, or replace a worn-out one, but we shall also provide essential tips and advice on what you need. Before proceeding, for example, we shall inform you of the permits that you may need as well as the materials to buy.

Not to forget, our expert roofers will visit your job site and conduct an assessment of your project needs. The visit is essential because it also allows them to draft a free quote for you, after which you can review, and if you approve it, the team gets down to business. With such an efficient team, who would not want their roofing project handled by us?

Our Roofing Services

When searching for roofing companies near me, look out for Tracy Roofing Pros for different roofing services that include:

Roof Installation

When it comes to roof installation, we have residential and commercial roofing services. Residential roofing requires us to install a new roof to a newly built home or an existing one that did not get the roofing work completed. We can also install roofs for sheds, over your home garage, outdoor kitchen and dining area, and even on your holiday homes.

Our commercial roofing includes installing, repairing, or replacing roofs in different commercial and industrial structures. You can, therefore, hire our services for:

  • Business complexes
  • Retail outlets
  • Industrial plants
  • Health facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centers
  • Office buildings
  • Schools and other learning institutions.
  • Sports complexes
  • Churches and other places of worship, and
  • Manufacturing facilities


Roof Repairs

When your roof is hit by strong winds, storms, fires, or starts to dilapidate due to old age, we can give it a facelift. We have roof repair skills and experience and can get you a better appearance of that eyesore on your roof. Talk to us and let our experts visit your place for an assessment.

Roof Replacement

If the roof is damaged beyond repairs, we can also replace it for you. We have roof replacement services for the industrial, residential, institution, and commercial residents too. Let us know whether you need such services too, and we shall be obliged to offer them too.

Gutters and Downspouts

The gutters and downspouts help the roof to drain off rainwater and prevent it from stagnating. If the gutter or downspouts are damaged, they may not perform as needed, and rainwater may start wearing your roof and walls off. Instead of losing it all, contact us, and we shall have them repaired or replaced all the same.

We are the Roof Masters

Tracy Roofing Pros, as the name suggests, has the roof masters that you need. Each of our roofers is vetted thoroughly and subjected to thorough screening to ensure that we get the best skills. You can, therefore, be certain that Tracy Roofing Pros has the real industry pros.

Contact us today and let us discuss your project details. Dial (209) 268-7701 and speak to one of our experts. Leave us your details and inquiry messages, too, and we shall be glad to engage you as soon as we can.

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