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Tracy Rubber Slate Roof

The photo shows the finished concrete work in Tracy.

What is a rubber slate roof? Rubber slate roof is a roof that appears to be like a real slate roof, except of course that it is made of rubber materials, used to mimic genuine slate roofing. Rubber slate roofs are very durable and can last up to 100 years. They are also very flexible and usually are pre-drilled making the jobs of your local roofing contractor easier. Tracy Roofing Pros are adept in handling roofing projects like this one. We have been in the industry for years and we know that putting up rubber slate roofing may look easy but in reality, it requires skills and know-how to make your roof really durable and really protect your head. To get a closer look on how we can use rubber slate tiles on your home or office building, call us at (209) 268-7701 right now for free estimates and quotations. You may also get in touch with our roofing technician using our contact form provided.

Why Use Rubber Slate Roof?

Having that traditional slate roof on your home looks really beautiful, but it can also carry a lot of weight on your roof not to mention the cost it will entail. Luckily, rubber slate roofs are increasingly becoming more and more popular today. And our expert roofers at Tracy Roofing Pros know how to take advantage of this material to make it blend perfectly well regardless of the back draft, roof structure and landscape your property may have. We are capable of sourcing different types of rubber slate tiles allowing us to make it fit for any homes. Our rubber slate tiles are made from high quality materials allowing it to withstand storm damage, wind damage and hail damage. You can always count on us to make your dream project a reality.  

What are the Advantages of Using Rubber Slate Roofs?

Local roofer nowadays recommend rubber roof tiles as it looks like the real thing. Even your local roofing contractor cannot even differentiate a rubber slate roof from a roof made from traditional slate roof, unless of course the local roofing contractor was the one who installed it.

Rubber slate roof is also more affordable, lasts longer and is lighter than slate roof. Expert roofer says that since rubber slate tiles are very light, having it as your roof eases up a lot on your house structure. And since it is very durable, it can last up to 100 years and maintain that beautiful look for years, of course it has to be installed by expert roofing contractors otherwise you could end up with a roof with lots of issues.

Are there Any Disadvantages of Having a Rubber Slate Roof?

Sadly, rubber slate roof also has some shortcomings especially when handled by amateur roofers if not by dubious local roofing contractor. When using inferior types of rubber slate roof, or if installed by dubious roofers, rubber slate tiles can curl and crack. It can also fall apart easily especially when you are living in areas where harsh weather condition exist. When your rubber slate roof curls or cracks, water seepage occurs and this will have an effect on your roofing structure. It will allow water and moisture to trickle into your attic and even on your electrical systems. And when having rip offs, discoloration can occur much faster than you anticipated. Rubber slate roofs especially made from low quality materials cannot protect you and your home from storm damage, wind damage and hail damage. It is always best to consult our expert roofers and roof technicians. We know exactly what will suit your roofing needs.

Is Rubber Slate Roof Easy to Install?

Well, they are relatively easier to put up. But this does not mean that we are recommending that you do it yourself. Despite being easier and simpler to install, precision will still count in setting this up. You also need to have the right tools and skill set to install this material especially when your house has complex roofing design. So, before you think about doing this yourself, contact us first at (209) 268-7701. Our roofers will be happy to answer all your concerns.  

To ensure that you have the best rubber slate tiles for your roofing needs, make sure that your local roofing contractor knows what they are doing. They should be able to explain to you things that you need to know like how the rubber slate that they are going to use will perform against hail damage, storm damage and wind damage. Tracy Roofing Pros guarantees all our clients, regardless of the size and complexity of their projects, that we are only using the best rubber slate tiles sourcing it from reputable companies. Connect with our roofers today and ask for a free estimate and quotations.  

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