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Tracy Shed Roof

This image shows the finished shed roof work in Tracy, California.

Roofers and roofing contractors know that one of the easiest and simplest roof types is shed roof. This durable yet cheap roof is a mono-pitch roof that is slightly sloping in one way. Also known as a pent roof, this type is very easy to install and is very suitable for smaller cabins and houses, and garden sheds. Also named as a skillion roof, this roof type fits well with patios, shelter garages, and home extensions.

Easy and simple as it may sound, it is still best to leave the job to the experts. Your local roofing contractor, Tracy Roofing Pros have been installing a shed roof for years and knows the inclination, slants, and frames to make it very efficient. Doing it yourself may be fine, but over the years, we have received a lot of repairs, fixings, and eventually construction of shed roof in Tracy, thanks to self-reliant enthusiasts who lack the ideas and tools.

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Why use Shed Roof for your Small Cabins or Garage?

This roofing style has the advantages of a gable roof and a flat roof. The beams spanning between the two walls, one is a bit higher than the other, creates a slant that eliminates or minimizes spaces with sloped ceilings. This, in effect, provides a spacious interior and adequate drainage. Additional space can be maximized and installed with large windows to bring in more natural light, making space appear larger.

Another thing that makes this cheap roof type better than other styles for smaller structures is its ability to have a roof extension and have a more significant overlap. This does not require any internal gutter and can be utilized to build an enclosed deck. Expert roofers like what we have at Tracy Roofing Pros strongly suggest that your shed roof has to be appropriately designed to avoid any damages like snow load, storm damage, wind damage, or even hail damage.

Another thing that makes a shed roof better is its framing. This affordable and cheap roof requires a less complicated construction process. All it needs are rafters and beams. The former is the sloped elements that can be seen from the front wall to back. It also supports the roof cladding and ceiling. On the other hand, the latter are horizontal elements and often act as blocking, giving support, and ensuring that the entire roof is stable and firm.

Other local roofing contractors will try to sweet-talk you into having different roofing styles even when a shed roof is the most ideal for your cabin or small house or garage. DIY the project may also do more harm than good. We have seen lots of projects done by amateurs, and it eventually required more work like gutter repair, roof replacement, roof repair, and more.   

Do you still have questions, or do you feel unsure about having a shed roof? Would you like to learn more about small houses and cabins, and how a shed roof can protect you from all the elements and prevent storm damage, wind damage, and hail damage? Call Tracy Roofing Pros now at (209) 268 – 7701, our roof experts and roofers will be happy to take your call.

What Material is Best Suited for My Shed Roof?

It will depend on your budget, the size of your structure, the place where you live, and the weather conditions you experience the whole year. If you happen to be in an area where it frequently snows, installing insulators might be required. However, as a general rule, we recommend sturdy and waterproof materials that could sustain the elements and can allay storm damage, water damage, wind damage, and hail damage. A local roofing contractor usually has felt, bitumen roof sheets and shingles, plastic roof tiles as their primary materials for a shed roof.

The cheapest material for your shed roof is asphalt roofing felt. It comes in rolls and can be installed easily. Ask your local roofer for more information. And just like any other roof, your roofers want it to last very long and be able to protect you or your property while also combatting other problems like termites and rusts. Send us your information, and we will get back to you shortly. For free estimates and quotations, call us right now. 

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