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Tracy Slate Shingles

A pictutre of slate roof in Tracy, CA.

Tracy Roofing Pros is one of the most sought after slate roof installers today. Contact us today at (209) 268-7701 to learn more about Tracy slate shingles and receive your free quote and estimates. Aside from the slate shingle installation, we also have other roofing services available. Roof repair, roof restoration, solar roof tile installations are just some of the numerous roofing services that we offer to all our clients.

What You Should Need to Know About Slate Shingles

A lot of local roofing contractors recommend slate shingles for your roof. However, it can be a bit costly as compared to other roofing materials. Slate shingles are not your cheap roof materials and should be installed only by expert slate shingles installers like Tracy Roofing Pros.

Small roof repairs involving slate shingles can cost a bit, replacing a single cracked slate shingle that may cost you a little over a hundred dollars. A slate shingle contractor who does roof repair and cleaning slate shingle is highly involved, and slate roof restoration may charge you more, around a thousand dollars.

However, the steep price associated with the installation, maintenance, and repair of slate shingles is not enough to prevent a lot of homeowners from having a slate shingle over their heads. Why? The aesthetic value, its durability, and the fact that it can last for up to 100+ years are reasons enough to choose slate shingles.

How Can You Maintain Slate Shingles?

Like any other roofing material, your slate shingles have to be maintained to maximize their usable life. To prevent local roofing contractors from doing massive roof repairs on your home, here are some basic tips on keeping your roof in its tip-top shape.

First, it is best to have a scheduled cleaning service handled by a skilled roofer. Your local roofer should be able to conduct roof cleaning to make it presentable and, at the same time, maintain the structural integrity of your roof. Debris like leaves, moss, small tree branches, or twigs must be removed before washing the slate shingles with cleaning solutions. Ensure that the cleaning solution being used on your roof conforms with all the safety and environmental standards.

Secondly, make sure that your local roofers never walk on your slate shingles. In doing so, this may cause your shingles to crack, and bigger issues can result in more expensive treatment. It is always best to consult the expert first. Our roofers are the best in what they do. Call our roofing technicians and roof experts at (209) 268-7701 for any questions. We will be happy to provide you with the roofing solutions that you need.

And finally, never install the slate shingles yourself. It is best to allow the experts to do their job. Installing slate shingles requires years of training and experience. We have handled lots of slate roof repairs, and most of them were installed by the owners themselves, hoping that they could at least save money by not hiring contractors. Well, it cost them more.

An experienced local roofing contractor will advise you to have your roof checked at least once a year. By doing so, you can prevent bigger roof problems, leading to a more expensive roof repair job.

Replace cracked or broken slate shingles. Having a few cracked shingles may not cause your roof to leak. But if you do not do something about this, it can lead to bigger problems and more costly roof repair. Your local roofing contractor will be able to catch small problems like this and provide important measures before it can worsen.  

Working with Tracy Roofing Pros’ Teams of Expert Roofers and Roof Technicians

Tracy Roofing Pros can help you with all your roofing concerns, slate shingles, including. Our team of roof experts and roofers can help prolong the usable life of your slate shingles, maximize the power of your solar tile roof by implementing an effective preventative maintenance plan. We can keep a tab of any roof breakdown (should there be one).

So, for really affordable and cheap roof repair jobs, gutter installation, quality solar roof installations, roof replacement, and roof restoration, contact us, we are the local roofing contractor that you need to talk to.

Get in touch with any of our roofers at (209) 268-7701 today. You may also fill out our contact form for more details.

Tracy Roofing Pros is your seasoned local roofing contractor that specializes in all roofing maintenance, installations, restorations, and repairs. Our skilled and experienced roofers guarantee to help and assist you throughout the entire process. Call us today if you have any gutter installation concern, roof repairs issues, or problems with your solar tile roof or slate shingles. We offer free estimates and quotations.


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