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Types of Roofs in Tracy

An image of finished roofing works in Tracy.

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Types of Roofs You Need to Know About

Not all houses are created equal. They may look the same, but they are not. As your leading local roofing contractor in the city, we have seen and handled various roofing problems and know the different roofs.

What are the Different Types of Roofs?

There are lots of roofing styles that we, most of the time, take for granted. Our expert roofers know the different types of these roofs, and we would be glad to give you an idea of what these are:

Gable Roof: This type is the most popular. It is relatively easier to build, provides better ventilation, drains water better, and can be used in most home designs. This style though is usually present in colonial style homes. A hybrid type of roof design is called the Double Gable Roof. Other versions of this type are Side Gable, Crossed Gable, and Front Gable.

Pros: Sheds water and snow easily. It also provides more space for your attic. Gable roof can provide more ventilation.

Cons: Not suited in areas where high winds and hurricanes often occur. Too much overhang can pose a danger to the structure. Susceptible to storm damage, wind damage, and even hail damage.

Hip Roof: This roof type has four sides and is a bit difficult to build. Although a lot of homeowners like this type, the Hip Roof type does not provide enough ventilation. The Hip Roof is suited for areas where it is windy.

Pros: This type is more stable. The structure itself is sturdy and can endure wind damage, storm damage, and hail damage.

Cons: It can be costly. When not done properly, leaks can occur. A good local roofer is a must here, and Tracy Roofing Pros has the team to do this type of roof. Contact us right now, and we will provide you with the estimate and quotes.

Mansard Roof: This four-sided French-inspired design has two slopes with one on each side. The bottom part of the Mansard roof’s slope is a bit steeper, and this allows the pitch to barely start and forms a low-pitched type of roof, providing more space and creating an additional room.

Pros: Perfect for people who want additional living space in the attic. A cheap roof design yet durable enough to have.

Cons: This cheap roof design is not good for areas where heavy snowfall occurs. Storm damage and wind damage may also occur when installed by amateurs.

M Shaped: This is a double version of your Gable Roof. It has two sloping sides that meet in the center, each with their corresponding slopes.

Sawtooth Roof: This roof looks like the side of a saw blade. It was then designed for commercial, industrial structures until architects and roofers tried it on modern homes, and the result was amazing. It features vertical surfaces and slopes, usually two or more parallel pitched roofs.

Pros: The windows are positioned in vertical spaces, and this provides more natural light and ventilation. When adeptly and artistically installed, the outcome can be a modern home design that is green, eco-friendly, and still functional. Solar roof tiles can be installed to the roof to make it even more environmentally friendly.

Cons: The design can be amazing, but this is not your cheap roof. This one is quite costly. It also requires a lot of maintenance. But when you look at the result, the beauty will eventually outweigh the cost.

Skillion Roof: This is a single, sloping kind of roofing design. Attach basically to a higher wall, and this is more of an angled flat roof. Also known as a shed roof, the skillion roof is one of the most basic but may not be your cheap roof. Modern houses are using this for their porches, sheds, and garages. Solar roof tiles can also be added to make your home eco-friendly.

Pros: Snow and water can easily run off this roofing design, making it perfect for areas where it rains and snows most of the time.

Cons: The cost can be a bit high, but this is perfect against storm damage, hail damage, and snow damage.

We bet that you did not have any idea that there are lots and lots of houses with different roof types. Gambrel, skillion roof, intersecting roof type, curved, pyramid, dome, dutch gable, jerkinhead, saltbox, and bonnet roofs are just some of the other roof types popular among home and property owners. If you want to know more about them, ask your local roofer at Tracy Roofing Pros, we can provide you with the design that is suited for your home and business.

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