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Tracy Types of Roofs

this image shows tracy types of roofs with a roofer performing roof repair

Types of Roofs

Roofs exist in different versions and models depending on the client’s needs and the intended function. If a client needs a roof for sheds, for example, they might not need an extra-strong concrete roof as compared to when they want one for accommodation or rental building that needs to support some recreation spaces on top. On the same note, a roof being installed for a temporal function needs not to be a complicated one but one that can be brought down easily and when its work is done.

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Across Tracy, California, and the neighboring cities, the prowess of installing different roofs is left to the experts. It is the company that can guarantee you results worth your investment. As a client, therefore, it is important that you get in touch with us for value-added services.

About Us

Tracy Roofing Pros is a company that specializes in offering pro roofing services in Tracy. We have decades of hands-on experience and top industry skills that will no doubt fit your needs. With us handling your project, it will run full tilt to fruition and allow you to meet your needs with ease.

We install a range of roofing types depending on the clients' needs and the intended function of the roofs. Whether it is for a residential, industrial, or commercial client, we have the right skills and personnel for your roofing project. Get in touch with us today, and let us engage further on what we can do together for your structures.


Most Popular Types of Roof

The most popular Tracy types of roofs that we install include:


  • Mono Pitched Roof - Also referred to as a pent roof, lean-to roof, or shed roof, a mono-pitched roof is a single-sloped roof surface that is usually attached to another roof surface.
  • Dutch Gable Roof - This is a hybrid of hipped and gable roofs with a gable (wall) at the top and hipped lower down.
  • Flat Roof - A flat roof, as the name suggests, is a non-sloppy one and has no pitch. However, the roof may have a slight pitch that allows rainwater to run-off to drainage channels.
  • Mansard Roof  - Also known as a French roof, a mansard roof is a four-sided roof and spots double slopes on each side. The slopes meet to form a low-pitched roof. Mansard roofs can have different silhouettes such as convex, concave, and straight angle.
  • Jerkinhead Roof - A jerkinhead roof comprises elements of both the gable and hip roofs. It can either take the form of a gable roof with hipped ends and cut short with the points pointing downwards or a hip roof with double short sides.
  • Hip Roof - Hip roofs slope on all four sides. All the sides are equal in length and meet at the top to form a ridge.
  • Saw-Tooth Roof - A saw-tooth roof comprises two or more parallel pitched roofs. It has sloped and vertical surfaces that alternate. As the name says it, its sides resemble the side view of a saw blade.
  • Gambrel (Barn) Roof - A gambrel roof, also known as the barn roof, is closely similar to a mansard roof as it has two different slopes. The significant difference between the two roof types is that the gambrel has only two sides, while the mansard has four.
  • Dormer Roof - A dormer roof is installed on structures that protrude vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof.
  • Butterfly Roof - This model presents a V-shaped roof with two tandem pieces usually angled up on the outside. They have a midsection that is angled downward where the pieces meet into a valley.
  • Dome Roof - Dome roofs are polygonal and with an inverted bowl shape. A dome roof is great for adding unique and aesthetic features to any building.
  • Skillion Roof - Also referred to as a lean-to or roof for shed, a Skillion roof is a single and sloping roof that is usually attached to a tall wall. Usually, such a roof is found on sheds, home additions, and porches.
  • Curved Roof - A curved roof is closely similar to a shed roof or Skillion. The only difference is that its planes are curved. Curved roofs are modern, unique, and offer a creative roof design.


HIre Tracy Roofing Pros

You may choose either of the roofs above and have our expert roofers install it for you. We are just a call away, and we shall send our experts to your place to assess the project needs, required materials, and your required deliverables. After that, they will draft a free quote for your review, and after your approval, we shall get the project started.

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