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Expert Asphalt Roofing Contractors

An asphalt shingle is useful for a myriad of purposes, including waterproofing. With its many uses, the most common one is for roofing with a high preference because of its affordability. In addition, durability and simplicity in the installation are also preferable. Asphalt shingles have various qualities that make them durable to withstand fire damage, wind, hail damage, and discoloration.

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Why Asphalt Roofing

An asphalt shingle roof is preferred due to a number of qualities.

  • Asphalt exists in a variety of textures and shapes

You can choose from Art-Loc to jet, tie lock, t-lock, 3 tabs, signature cut, among others.

  • Solar reflecting

Asphalt is also good at reflecting excessive sunshine which helps in reducing the costs associated with air conditioning whenever the climate is hot.

  • Withstanding wind damage

The asphalt shingles have varying levels of wind damage resistance. With the right fastening, an asphalt roof can withstand the strongest wind and for long.

  • Algae resistance

Even though algae is not believed to have any damaging impacts on asphalt shingles, it may be objectionable aesthetically. In this case, you may get up to 5- 10-year warranty against algae attacks. On the same note, various methods are useful for preventing discoloration from the growth of algae on the roof.

  • Withstanding hail damage

Asphalt roofs can also withstand hail storms if the most fitting type, such as the Class 4 UL 2218, is used. With age, however, an asphalt roof may become susceptible to excessive hail impacts.

  • Fire resistance

Some roofing materials run the risk of getting destroyed by fire. With fiberglass shingles as the roofing material, however, your property may withstand the impacts of forest or other exterior fires.

  • Durability

It usually comes with 20-year to lifetime- warranty against wear and tears on asphalt. This serves as proof that the material is sturdier than some of the most common roofing materials.


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