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Tracy Flat Roofs

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Durable Flat Roofs Installation

Are you looking for flat roof experts? Do you have a dire need for professionalism and efficiency, but you keep getting challenged by the briefcase roofing contractors that you get? Quit searching for an expert roofing contractor near me on multiple search engines and talk to the leading and most sought-after roofers, Tracy Roofing Pros.

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About Flat Roofs

A flat roof is, by all means, contrasting the other type of roofing, that is, sloped roofs. A flat roof has a pitch (the slope of a roof) of about 10o and allows for the roof space to be used for air conditioning and as a living room or living space depending on the design. Commonly used on commercial buildings across the globe, flat roofs have come a long way from ancient inspirations to be used even on modern skyscrapers.

When it comes to flat roof installations, they may take different models. The most common ones include:


  • Green Roofs - A green or turf roof makes for a decorative roof covering with sturdiness and durability. Usually, a green roof is formed by depositing topsoil on flat roofs and then seeding them (or waiting for self-seeding). Ideally, a green roof provides an excellent cover against UV light.
  • Protected Membrane Roof - In this roof type, thermal insulation or other relevant materials may be used and placed above the waterproofing membrane. The covering helps in protecting the waterproofing membrane from ultraviolet light, thermal shock, and mechanical damage.
  • Roof Decks - A roof deck is a common and modern model that has been around since the 1960s. This model is used for constructing flat roof decks.
  • Green-roof Water Buffering - Flash flows and run-off water is a common problem in areas with larger paving structures such as inner cities. In this case, a green-roof water buffering model is preferred to divert rainwater from running right to the ground.


Types of Flat Roof Covering

Flat roof covering can be done using either:

  • Asphalt
  • Flat metal roofing.
  • Turbo seal
  • Modified bitumen
  • Cold applied liquid membranes.
  • PVC (vinyl) membrane roofing.
  • Glass-reinforced plastic.
  • Coal-tar pitch built-up roof.
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM).
  • Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) or
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin single-ply roofing (TPO).
Hire Tracy Roofing Pros for Professional Roofing Services

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