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Tracy Cedar Shake Roofing

The photo shows the finished roofing contractor in Tracy, California.

Looking for a reliable and trusted cedar shake, roofing contractor? Is your local roofing contractor capable of replacing your cedar shake roofs, installing them, or providing maintenance? Today, Tracy Roofing Pros has got what it takes to be the best local roofing contractor in the area. Backed with dedicated, experienced, and skilled teams of roofer and roof technicians, we are confident in all the roofing projects that we do. Aside from Cedar shake roofing, we are also capable of handling other roofing services like roof restoration, roof repairs, gutter installation, gutter repair, roof inspection, installation of the solar roof, and more.

If you want to know more about the numerous services we offer to all our clients, call us at (209) 268 – 7701.

What is Cedar Shake Roofing?

This is a kind of roofing style that uses wooden shakes made from split logs. It is usually split on a side or both. Traditionally, cedar shakes are crafted into shape manually, but today a lot is manufactured with machines. The wood that is often used for this is either cedarwood or California redwood. Cedar and California redwood are both beautiful, and at the same time, sturdy and durable. They can resist storm damage, hail damage, wind damage, and snow damage, making them the perfect choice for your roofing material.

Is Cedar Shake Expensive?

It would generally depend on the size, your location, and the complexity of your roof. On the average, Cedar shake would cost around $16,000 to $27,000. Your local roofer can provide you with a quick estimate and know how to go around your budget without compromising the quality. Tracy Roofing Pros can provide quotations and suggestions to make your roofing project a success.

Are Cedar Shakes a Good Roofing Investment?

Having a cedar shake as your roofing material is a good idea. It is effortless not only to install but also to maintain. Its rustic look makes your roof beautiful yet durable and can thwart any insect infestation. Cedar Shakes last longer than your other roofing materials. It can withstand rain damage, hail damage, and storm damage. It is very tough and resilient that it can last up to 50 years.

However, several states today reject the new installation of wood shake shingles or wood roofs as this material poses a higher risk of catching fire. You may want to check with your local roofing contractor on how to deal with this regulation.

When hiring a local roofing contractor, you should be wary of how they install your cedar shake roof. Though beautiful, it can be very tricky, and you should at least know how these rustic all-natural wood works on your house. Woods expand and contract and are susceptible to rain and storm damage, especially when not correctly installed. To protect your cedar shake roof, learn from these mistakes.

Common Mistakes in Installing Cedar Shake

Using Wrong Nails

Using the false fingernails for your cedar shake is just as bad as having an amateur local roofing contractor do big construction projects. When dealing with cedar shakes, your contractor or local roofer should use stainless steel, galvanized, or aluminum two-inch nails. Depending on your location, a 316 alloy is best if you live near the sea or ocean.

Nail Gun

When installing cedar shakes, ask your local roofer to hammer the nail using a hammer and not a nail gun. Why? A nail gun can fire the nails too far and cause your cedar shake to crack and fall off. Firing it too quickly may also make you miss a shingle, and this will cause shingles to crack and curl.

Installation of New Cedar Shake

Amateurs tend to rush things, which may hold to the installation of cedar shake roofs. New cedar roofing has to acclimatize before you start pounding them on your roof. If you do not follow this, chances are your shakes might expand or contract depending on the temperature and moisture level you are into right now. Seasoned local roofing contractors always check on the wood before starting the project. Tracy Roofing Pros knows the right time, the appropriate climate to do the job.

Improper Ventilation

Your cedar shake can curl, crack or warp if there is little ventilation or does not have one at all. Make sure that they have aeration so that your cedar shake does not rot. There are ways to ventilate your cedar shakes properly, and our roofers can identify them for you. Contact us for any concerns and questions.

Now that you know what to watch out for when having a local roofing contractor do your cedar shake roof in Tracy, California it is time to hire the professional roofing contractor to do the job.

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