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Tracy Rolled Roofing

An image of finished roofing works in Tracy, California.

When we say rolled roofing, we refer to the mineral surfaced oil-based asphalt roofing material usually made for flat roofs. Commercial roofing contractors use this type of asphalt roofing on business establishments, buildings, and structures. Our roofers have handled this roofing material, especially on structures that have flat surfaces or roofs. Although typically used for most commercial edifices' roofs, some private property owners use this material on their roofs. If you think that this roofing product is suited for your need, contact the most sought after roofing contractors in the area today, Tracy Roofing Pros at (209) 268 – 7701 today. We can provide you with free estimates and suggestions.

Types of Rolled Roofing Used by a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Over the past years, rolled roofing material gained lots of followers mainly because it is affordable, and lots of owners want cheap roof materials. Roofing contractors have also capitalized on this material. This is not only one of the best alternatives for your flat roofs. It is easy to install and offers attractive designs.

Compared to other cheap roof products, rolled roofing provides more variety but cost less than our traditional roofing materials. However, some roofing contractors may use this roofing material and think that all are just the same. Little do they know that rolled roofing products come in different variants based on the materials that they are made of.

Rubber Rolled Roofing: This is your ordinary yet widely used cheap roof material. Roofing contractors usually use this type of rolled roofing material because of its price. Made from recycled products like sawdust, slate dust, and old tires, the rubber rolled roofing material can be installed as an overlapping sheet. This material can, however, come as shingles. It is very affordable and ideal for owners who want durable yet cheap roof materials.

Rubber Membrane: Your local commercial roofing contractor may have encountered this material. Made from recycled rubber materials, this rubber membrane roofing is very light. It is durable despite its weight and can last up to 20 years. Like your rubber rolled roofing, the rubber membrane is also very affordable and can be installed easily.

Bitumen Rolled Roofing: commercial roofing contractor recommends this asphalt roofing material due to its durability. This was recently created and marketed as rolls and can come as cold-press adhesive or self-adhesive. The seams of this rolled asphalt roofing material are merged. When installed and maintained properly, it can last longer than your ordinary rolled roofing materials.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofing is one of the most popular rolled roofing material today. Thanks to its cost, the local roofing contractor highly recommends and uses this cheap roof material more often. Usually, come in white color, TPO, as this is widely known by local roofers and commercial roofing contractors, allays the buildup of heat in your building. It can also dispel thermal shock on your roof, preventing the roof from contracting and expanding due to the heat. And just as TPO can protect your roof from thermal shock and heat buildup, it also prevents corrosion, stops algae and mildew from developing and looks aesthetically beautiful.

Actually, there are other types of rolled roofing materials in the market today. There is the mineral finish rolled roofing, saturated felt, eaves flashing, and more. If you call us right now, our skilled roofers will explain everything to you in complete detail, and how much it will only cost you for your roofing projects. We make sure that we will work around your budget. We guarantee that minimal to no material wastage will be observed. We assure you that we give the same treatment to all our clients, big and small.

Amateur roofers do not know that some cheap roof materials are just as durable as those materials that are very expensive. A lot of cheap roof materials are made from high-grade quality products but are priced lower to cater to all types of clients. Our skilled roofers know how to scour the field for very affordable resources, perfect as cheap roof materials. Tracy Roofing Pros has the right tools and know-how, not to mention the perfect roofers to install your rolled roofing. Call us at (209) 268 – 7701 right now and ask for a free estimate. You may also fill out our contact form for more details.

Do not be swayed in doing the project by yourself. It may only look easy on TV since most of the shots are done by professional roofers themselves. Sure, you may save a few bucks, but in the end, the structural integrity of your roof may be compromised. Let the experts do their jobs. We have handled lots of clients who want their roof repaired due to DIYs. Tracy Roofing Pros, your perfect local roofing contractor in the city today. We guarantee to handle your project on time and within your budget

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