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Tracy Built Up Roofing

This image shows built up roofing in Tracy, California.

We are your specialized local roofing contractor specializing in installing, repairing, and upgrading various roofing systems for commercial and residential buildings. Our roofers at Tracy Roofing Pros are adept in installing and repairs Built-up Roofing systems or BUR systems. They have been handling this type of roofing for years, allowing them to assess, evaluate, and apply solutions to this roofing system's issues. Contact our roofer for the appropriate roofing solutions that you need. For free estimates, dial (209) 263 – 7701 right now, or fill out our contact form for more details. We are your most trusted local roofing contractor in the state today.

What is a Built-Up Roofing System?

BUR is considered one of the oldest and most trusted roofing systems used by many local roofing contractors in numerous commercial and even residential buildings with low-sloped or those with flat roof structures.

This roofing system, often called tar and gravel system, consists of roofing felts, and asphalt or bitumen are applied in between them. Several layers or plies of felts provide more protection and can perform extremely well in areas where the harsh weather condition is normal, making this one of the top choices by local roofers like ours at Tracy Roofing Pros.

BUR can endure wind damage, rain and storm damage, and snow and hail damage. It can last longer than your ordinary roofing system and can be installed with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels if you need to have a solar roof or be more eco-friendly. This, of course, is not going to be your cheap roof system, but it is doable, and our roofers can exactly do this roofing on your home or commercial establishment.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Built-Up Roofing System?

Local roofers and local roofing contractors have different views on installing the BUR system, but all may agree on the benefits that it can give to clients.

  • BUR systems can provide better protection from rain and storm damage, snow and hail damage, and withstand wind damage.
  • It has better waterproofing capabilities as compared to other roofing systems. Moreover, it can also protect from UV Rays.
  • It can also be installed with add-ons like a solar roof, solar roof tiles, shingles, etc.
  • It can last longer than other roofing systems. It is also easier to maintain.

However, as promising as it may sound, the BUR System also has its downsides, and you should be wary about these when planning to have it installed.

  • It can be a bit costly to have BUR System installed.
  • Unlike your usual roofs or solar roof, BUR can take a longer time to install.
  • It emits certain fumes and vapors during the installation process that can be hazardous and obnoxious.

To know more about how BUR System can help you, contact our roofers today. We offer free estimates and quotes to all our clients. Call (209) 263 – 7701 today, our expert roofer and roof technicians can give the answers to all your inquiries.

Aside from installing BUR Systems, Tracy Roofing Pros also offer roof restoration, roof replacement, gutter installation, gutter repair, and solar roof installation, to name a few. We are also experts when it comes to other roofing types like Gable roof, Hip Roof, French-inspired, Mansard Roofing, Gambrel, Skillion, Intersecting Roofs, Sawtooth type roof, Curved, Pyramid, Dome, Dutch Gable roof and more.  

Common Types of BUR System.

Your Built-up Roofing system has three common and basic types, the Cold Built-Up type, the Hot Built-Up, and then the Ballasted Asphalt Built-Up. When your local roofer suggests this kind of roofing system, make sure to ask any of the three. Among the three types, the ballasted type is increasingly becoming popular among homes and offices, as this provides them with added protection from fire and heat. There are also several types of bitumen materials today that are used in this roofing system. Asphalt, tar, and coal tar are often integrated into this type of roofing. The kind and type of material will depend solely on your design and your budget. So, ask your local roofer before deciding on having a BUR system installed.

Tracy Roofing Pros – Your Ideal Local Roofing Contractor in the City

Tracy Roofing Pros is the most seasoned local roofing contractor specializing in the installation of Built-Up Roofing in Tracy, solar roof installation, various roofing maintenance, installations, roof restorations, and repairs. Our roofers will assist you every step of the way.

If you have residential or office problems like gutter repair, gutter installation, roof repairs issues, or concern with your roofing systems, get in touch with our expert roofer today. We can provide you with free estimates and quotations. Call our team of skilled roofers and roof technicians or fill out our contact form provided. We will get back to you shortly.

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