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Patterson Roofing

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"It was time to get ourselves a new roof after an excessive amount of snow fell over our house the past winter. We called Tracy Roofing Pros, and their roof repairing expertise is on another level." That is a client who recently rated us and gave us a 5-star rating on a project that we had just completed for them in Patterson.

You can also be a part of our success story. Speak to us, let us repair or install a roof for you, and you will also be giving such decorated testimony.

For all Patterson roofing needs, call us at (209) 268-7701. We are within reach if you use the contact form on this page also.

Who We Are

Tracy Roofing Pros is everyone's premier and go-to roofing contractor with skills and expertise that are unparalleled to any other contractor's. We are an exceptional force to be reckoned with, and with our decades of combined experience installing small- and large-scale roofs, you can be assured that you are working with the best. Entrust your project to us and enjoy the benefits of working with the industry’s top roofing contractors.

What We Do

Tracy Roofing Pros work on everything around the roofing. We have a specialty in everything from roof repairs to roof restorations, renovations, and fresh roof installations. Also, we can work on gutter installations or gutter repairs if you need them to be done by professionals.

If you are looking for precision and efficiency, you should not hesitate to talk to us. We make our statement known by delivering what other roofing technicians would not. So, if you have been searching for a roofing contractor near me on every search engine, but your searches have been in vain, your savior is here with you now.

We install all types of roofs that include:

When you talk to one of our roofers, let us know what your roofing needs are. We give every client a listening year and would be glad to walk you through all possible project deliverables. Our roofers will also advise you on the necessary materials, tools, equipment, and building permits that you may need before proceeding.

Hire Tracy Roofing Pros for all your Patterson roofing needs and be sure not to regret that decision. We are everyone's desired roofing technician, and it would be our pleasure to work for you too.

Dial (209) 268-7701 or fill out the contact form on this page to make your inquiries or request our free quote.


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